we begin with music: all of nyc’s live music gigs, all in one place. we’ve consulted the web, the magazines, and the people in the know to deliver a simple way to access the city’s music — from your local bar to madison square garden.


we won’t be stopping there. beyond music, the city is brimming with every kind of artistic experience imaginable — and we’re working on connecting you to all of them. find open studios, salsa dancing, poetry salons, and more. discover new experiences and support the small- and medium-sized artists who make the city what it is.


every city has its own scene worth uncovering — that’s why new york is just the beginning. down the road, we’ll be your grassroots guide to the best artistic experiences every city has to offer, creating a global community to uplift local art. first, we’ll connect inyc. after that, we’ll be in(y)our(c)ity.


connecting you to what’s already here.

on any given night in nyc, there are thousands of interesting, creative, and perspective-shifting artistic experiences you can have — but you have to know where to go. we’re starting by consolidating music events into one simple platform — on a map, on an app — then expanding to create a grassroots referral network of artists of all kinds, connecting them to potential patrons and fans.

by vetting artists for legitimacy (no bots, no scams) but otherwise presenting their event options without curation or algorithms, we encourage you to be your own tastemaker. follow your instincts to the experiences best-suited for you.

making space for even more.

imagine the event possibilities artists might explore if they didn’t have to worry about marketing: if they knew that, if they build it, people will come. we’re working to get the word out so that artists can focus their energy on creating, knowing that they are continually being connected to new supporters — in new york and beyond.

keeping it real.

inyc is not a social media app, but rather an app to support your socializing. by keeping the interface clear and easy-to-navigate, we hope you spend as little time on it and your phone as possible. quickly find an experience, get the information you need, and be on your way into the real world.


for creators

you create for so many reasons — one of which, often, is so that people can enjoy what you’ve made. whether you’re promoting a free gallery opening to showcase your work or a paid performance, we connect you to the people who want to show up and support.

you can alert people in your surrounding area — first in nyc, then elsewhere — to your event, performance, open studio, class, and more for $1 per post. we keep the barrier to entry low, while working to make sure your return on investment is high.

for enjoyers

whether you’re visiting a city for the first time and want to ditch the guidebook, or you just didn’t realize that the bar down the street from your apartment has live music, we have you covered. access both popular and off-the-beaten-path artistic happenings for free, filtering by price, location, source, or event type.


join our grassroots network

we’re starting by giving posting approval to a small group of artists, giving them referral codes to invite other artists in their communities, then giving codes to those artists. in this way, we’ll create an organic network of posting creatives, starting in nyc and then moving beyond.

of course, you’re welcome to join as a poster and community-member without a direct connection: reach out to us and we’ll be in touch with more information and a code.